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I'm an actor, director, audiobook narrator and consultant (editing, performing, media).

I'm also mother, wife, daughter, friend, collaborator, comedy fan, mushroom enthusiast, comedy fan, dialect collector. I'm at home reading stories out loud -- to my children, to my family. To you. 

I've been reading aloud professionally since 2015, and mimicking the voices and sounds around me since long, long before that.


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photo credit: Teresa Castracane

My Story

Why two names?

Nora Achrati is the name I was born with and have performed under since 2010 -- it's a French spelling of an Arabic name, and it's beautiful. Most of my body of work exists under this name.

Nora Sofyan is my chosen name for audio recording -- chosen for ease of spelling and pronunciation, and because each letter links back to a name in my family. I began using Nora Sofyan in 2022.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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